Wednesday, 20 July 2016

ATRIA Comedy and Food Festival

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Atria is organizing a lively comedy and food event from 20-30 July. Shoppers can expect hours of belly-aching guffaws as some of the best Malaysian stand-up comedians keep you entertained with their witty and interactive comedy routine. Shoppers will also stand a chance to walk away with Atria Shopping Vouchers worth up to a total RM 5,000.

Atria proudly presents the first-of-its-kind live comedy shows themed "A Belly Full of Laughs" that is set to have shoppers roaring for more. 

Shoppers who spend RM 100 and above in not more than two accumulated receipts are entitled to redeem two (2) free tickets to the comedy show. Redemption can be  made at the Concierge Counter located at the Concourse Floor, while tickets last.

A sumptuos and indulgent food festival is set at Concourse Floor, to let our shoppers' taste buds to take advantage of all quality food across all  participating F&B outlets from 20 to 31 July. In conjuction to the event, Malaysia's Culinary Ambassador Datuk Chef Wan is invited to share and demonstrates the secret of cooking authentic Malaysian cuisine at Atria.

On 31 July 2016, Atria will be collaborating with The Galleria for a kid's fashion event. The event will showcase 15 kids, ranging from 4 to 9 years old, who will be modeling their creative costumes interpretations of their favourite food using everyday items from home or school.

Don't miss this chance to let your hair down and enjoy a belly full of laughs and good food with Atria this July.

Thursday - 21 July - 8pm - Jonathan Atherton
Friday - 22 July - 8pm - Datuk Chef Wan
Saturday - 23 July - 3pm - Kavin Jay
Thursday - 28 July - 8pm - Gajen
Friday - 29 July - 8pm - Jonathan Artherton
Saturday - 30 July - 3pm - kavin Jay
Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday - Mashi & Friend (Opening Act)

Comedian Profile
Papi Zak
Papi Zak is definitely the "bigget" stand up comedian in Malaysia. Born in Egypt and raised in other different countries, he is the true definition of a third culture child. He is a gut-grabbing performer who has no qualms  about opening his mouth and letting all manner of things fly out. It's all these things that make Papi Zak one of the hottest comedians around.

Kavin Jay
Kavin, one of Malaysia's most underrated comics, is a rapidfire grupy joke telling machine. He may be grouncy but does it with such panache, you can't help but laugh. He is an integral part of the comedy revolution in Malaysia and a regular host and performer for TimeOut KL Comedy Thursday.

Jonathan Artherton
Jonathan, an actor, comedian, traveler and raconteur, is no newcomer to the entertainment industry. As a teenager he pursued an acting career. He made his debut in The Mango Tree, then went on to play television and theathe roles

Gajen Nad
Gajen, also known as "Malaysia's First Chindian Comedian" is no stranger to the limelight, appearing in Monash's student magazine Monga, getting  interviewed by Capital FM, and even having NTV 7 film a documentary about his career as a stand-up comedian.

Participating F&B Outlets at Food Festival
Eggu serves crispy and fresh spherical shaped waffle which is called "Eggettes (Gei Dan Zai in Cantonese)" a famous snack in Hong Kong.

Go Thai
Go Thai restaurant is famous for bringing the authentic Isan Street Food to Malaysia. We want our customers to enjoy everything from Thai food ingredients to friendly service by Thai crew and chef. Go Thai signature food includes Moo Ping BBQ skewers and stewed pork leg rice and the famous tub tim krup dessert.

Pho Vietz
Here at Pho Vietz, feast on as many bowls of pho as your heart (and stomach) desires! Luscious vermicelli soaked in a delicious broth made from beef bones, oxtails, flank steak, charred onion, ginger and spices adding up into a potpourri of flavours that are bound to excite. Alternatively, one can go for the banh mi, fresh spring rolls, steamed rice crepe rolls and distinctive Vietnamese coffee as well.

I Love Yoo!
I Love Yoo! aims to bring scrumptious traditional Chinese favourites including "You Tiao" and "Tau Foo Fah" in a modern setting to the masses. With the business philosophy to always put their customers first, I Love Yoo! only uses 100% fresh and new palm oil for frying as well as other high quality ingredients including Canadian soybeans.

Hometown's pork noodle is dedicated to championing the best of Malaysian pork noodles. The recipe has been specially and freshly prepared with only high quality Sakura pork ingredients to ensure every bowl of noodles is fragrant and rich in pork flavours. The soup is clear and tasty with a hint of sweetness to make the noodles even more porkalicious. 

Stick Arts
Stick Arts uses the best Italian ingredients and equipment to produce Gelato, yogurt and sorbet made fresh daily in-store with more than 38 flavours using natural colours with less air. Stick Arts achievement includes being the first company in South East Asia to introduce 3D gelato on a stick and the World's First 3D Gelato Flower bouquet which is suitable for weddings, birthdays, launches or events for any occasion.

Yummy Asia
Yummy Asia believes yummy food brings happiness and their mission is to provide a wide range of tasty & quality Asian snack foods to their customers. 

Mad Hatter Desserts
Enjoy desserts prepared by the 25-year old Marcus Low. Marcus has enjoyed cooking since his teens and finds inspiration from established chefs, as well as modern and molecular cuisine. Marcus believes his strength lies in his unique ingredient pairings. He thrives under pressure and was the runner up in MasterChef Asia.

Visit Atria facebook page HERE
Atria Website HERE

Atria Shopping Gallery is located at : 
Jalan SS22/23, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


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