Monday, 13 June 2016

Halal Food Review : D'Arab Station

Today I received invitation from Fadzi, a beautiful mummy blogger to attend Arabian food review. I have never tried arabian food, must attend because I like to try new food. D'Arab Station located in Alam Damai, Cheras.

When I entered the shop I thought it is a burger shop, the design of the restaurant is same as fast food, I like this concept because I like self-service.

The most important is the restaurant and food is very clean, D'Arab Station is in Kategori A, means very clean restaurant.

The menu easily for me to make order, because have picture and it is displayed like fast food restaurant.

In front of the shop, have Kambing Golek and roti john cooking, this makes me so hungry and can't wait for buka puasa time.

Here is the Royal roti john, looks yummy right? A lot of eggs wrapped with the roti john. The restaurant owner Dato Haji Taufek is a very humble and nice, he bring us the roti john first, maybe he scare we too hungry and  he let us eat first. We take photo first, better wait after buka puasa only eat it. We have to respect others muslim friend to buka puasa together.

Here is the kambing golek that cooked outside, looks so yummy. I am getting hungry already.

This is the Nasi Arab with Chicken, Lamb, Salad and Chillies. Its comes with a big dulang, this is my first time tried nasi arab, it is so delicious, the rice is so fragrance and the chicken , lamb meat is so tender and juicy. The chillies not so pedas, i like is so much, combined with salad so perfect match.

This is the soup and kurma, the kurma taste great, first time tried also. Normally saw this selling in supermarket during ramadhan.

The Teh Arab is very good taste also, Dato Haji Taufek bring us this. I am very happy visit this restaurant, they provide a very good service to customers.

D'Arab Station have Buffet Ramadan, it is only Rm 25.00 for Child (6-12yr old ) and Senior Citizen (60 yr and above). Adults only RM 50.

For booking/home delivery please call :
03-9108 3331 / 013-848 1014 / 013-844 1014

Visit their facebook page HERE

Location : 36 Jalan Damai Raya 2, Alam Damai, 56000 Cheras, Selangor


  1. i like arab food too, looks so delicious

  2. location near to my house will visit it