Saturday, 3 March 2012

My first visit to Kidzania Kuala Lumpur

Kai I am Jia Jun, my first visit to Kidzania Kuala Lumpur. Being invited by Airasia for the newly open Kidzania Kuala Lumpur, the entrance is free sponsored by Airasia. I am so excited when I received a cheque amount 50 kidzos. 

Being invited by Airasia of course 1st establishment I visit will be Airasia. We enter the park at 9.30am before the park open, to avoid crowded customers visit Airasia establishment.  My mum also have opportunity to enter this establishment and watch me to become a pilot. I am so happy because my ambition is to be a pilot .

I have meet up a new friend, also a winner in Airasia facebook contest. I received 15 kidzos after fly a plane. I am so happy because I received my first pay after my hard work. We cash out the 50 Kidzos cheque later in CIMB Bank .

                                  My 2nd establishment I visit is KPJ Surgery/Endoscopy Room

Quite excited, what will happen later.

Getting ready to do my duty.

Received 10 kidzos after completed surgery

                                       3rd establishment is F&N Climbing pay 10 Kidzos

                                                       4th establishment Police

                                                     5th establishment Fire Fighter

 Fire fighter coming to save the Pink Flamingo Hotel.  

                                                      6th Establishment Construction worker

                                              7th establishment Nippon Paint Academy

                                                              So happy I get my salary

8th Establishment Hoya Eye Care to check my eye, because I am getting driving licence

  Here is the results

 9th Establishment Honda Driving School 

10th Establishment HONDA Driving Street

 11th Establishment Ayam Brand Cooking School

 So happy i have buy this with 50 kidzos

Bye kidzania will come again, manage to do 11 establishment today.

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